Famous Museums around the world

The Metropolitan Museum

Famous Museums around the world Introduction Museums are amazing places to visit. They give us a chance to learn about the past and view some of the world’s most beautiful artwork. Below are five famous museums around the world that should be on your bucket list: The Louvre The Louvre is located in Paris, France … [Read more…]


Famous festivals around the world

Oktoberfest in Munich

Famous festivals around the world Introduction The world is filled with countless festivals from the Olympics to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, there’s always something fun happening. For example, did you know that New Year’s Eve in London has been celebrated since 1066? Or that Oktoberfest started in Munich as a wedding gift for the … [Read more…]


Best Bunjy Jump Locations around the world

Nevis Bungy

Best Bunjy Jump Locations around the world Introduction Bungy jumping is one of the most exciting activities in the world. It’s not just about jumping off a bridge and into water, it’s about having fun with your friends as well! In this article, we will discuss the best bunjy jump locations around the world. In … [Read more…]


Top 10 Places to Visit in New Zealand


Introduction New Zealand is an incredible country with mountains, glaciers, lakes and glaciers. The best way to explore New Zealand is by travelling in small groups or independently with your own transport. Below are the top 10 places you must visit when you go to New Zealand Auckland Rotorua Napier Milford Sound Wellington Abel Tasman … [Read more…]