Apple Watch Series 8 and SE

Apple Watch Series 8 and SE

Apple Watch next version announced in the normal line up is Apple Watch Series 8 and SE. This is the next version upgrade as usual but now it has got some more features added. Now they started looking into more of Women health aspects covered in this watch.  There also some new features added to these models. So let us look into this in details

Apple Watch Series 8 and SE

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The display size for both Apple Watch Series 8 and SE stands the same and there is no changes. It has got 41 mm and 45 mm case with the display resolution of 351 x 430 pixels for 41 mm and 396 x 484 pixels for 45 nm. The new feature that is introduced is the Always-on Display as like the one introduced new in Iphone 14 series.  Previously Watches had night mode and sensitivity sensor for enabling the display when there is some movement during night time. Now with the always on it is now more comfortable to view time and others details so nice. This looks to be a good additional feature.


The Apple watch series 8 and SE has quite a lot Sensors that can help in measuring the details. The pure advantage of Apple sensors is that is made to perfection. So that you can rely on the readings. Let us see the sensors in details

  • Blood Oxygen Sensor
  • ECG (not available in SE)
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor – Newly Introduced
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Fall detection
  • Crash detection – Newly Introduced.

As we know on the most common features of the sensors let us look into the newly introduced sensors alone.

Temperature Sensor

This is new introduction to the series in the watch which helps to monitor the body temperature and also helps to provide inputs to various features and apps in the device. This is not like the real thermometer but based on the technology used it can provide data which is close to real temperature. This should not be used as a medical device for diagnosis, treatment and any other real medical usage.  As per Apple it is designed for users about 14 years of age. The readings will be impacted by the certain factors like physiological, lifestyle, and environmental factors. So it is just to have a reading when you feel not well but cannot take it as a real thermometer reading.

Crash detection

Crash detection is also one of the new feature on Apple watch Series 8 and SE. This is more or less like the fall detection but it helps for the car drivers. This helps in the event of severe car crashes., it will alert and automatically Initial an emergency phone call after 20 seconds unless you cancel it. This will send the message to emergency services and updates the emergency contacts.  This feature has been tested under so many though standards to make sure this is a life saver. This has been added to the Apple Watch Ultra model also.

Cycle Tracking

Cycle tracking is the new feature that is introduced in this series to log the details about the menstrual cycle. This helps to record information on the various symptoms and details. So that this helps in tracking or predicting the next period or fertile window is about to start. This is one of the new feature that seems to be useful for those who would like to have a child. So that you can predict the ovulation time and plan ahead.

This feature is enabled using the health app, this gathers all other data required like the temperature, date, time,  heart rate and sleep tracking. Apple advices to use the watch at night to monitor the wrist temperature to improve the predictions. As the temperature reading during night times will be more accurate than the day time.

Various color codes are provided so that it will be easy to track, so you can plan accordingly. As per the experts who spoke in the launch event, this feature is so good and it is designed with various factors taken into consideration. They have collect data all around the world and consulted so many experts and doctors to design this app. So the data can be more useful. Finally Apple is moving towards health aspects which is the next big market.

This feature also comes with some warnings like it should not used as form for birth control. It should be used to diagnose a health condition and if any third part app that used the results to predict cannot be considered. So all comes with some warnings. More details can be found in the apple website for cycle tracking

Battery Life of Apple Watch Series 8 and SE

Battery life is the well debated aspect of Apple products and most of the competitors has mocked Apple in so many ways. The best thing I came across was ” we calculate in weeks and Months not hours or days“. That was quite interesting but true. So Apple looks to have taken this seriously so tried to improve this aspect but still they are not able to reach more than 2 days. Apple has introduced Low power mode in this software upgrade to all the watch models which can help to maintain the life to 2 days. So there is still no Weeks or Months of battery life.

May be that is more technical thing for an end user but still they love to have more battery life. As they need to carry this charger cable also which is specific to Apple watch and it cannot be charged using other chargers. Now they say it can be used with the Apple Iphone charger but still we need to do some more analysis on this. It will be good to use the normal wireless charging stations for watches also. Good to have feature.

Final Thoughts on Apple Watch Series 8 and SE

The Apple Watch Series 8 and SE are just the upgrade of the older version but got 2 new features added for the current situation. The path Apple move towards is more into personal health. So this is a good direction as most of the watch manufacturers are in the same race. Now fitness has become one of the important aspect of life. Smart watches needs to be a fitness tracker along with some cool additions like a phone. Apple can do this as they develop products that are more capable and has good life. So my final thoughts is that if Apple can make the battery life to Weeks and Months then you are the winner. It will be a good companion for the new Iphone 14 AirPods Pro Gen1 & AirPods Pro Gen 2 which will make it a good apple family.



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