The World Famous Crochet Museum

 The World Famous Crochet Museum: A Must-Visit Destination in Joshua Tree, California

If you are searching out a quirky and particular enchantment inside the coronary heart of Joshua Tree, California, look no in addition than the World Famous Crochet Museum. Located within the Art Queen gallery and subsequent to the enduring Joshua Tree Saloon, this museum is a one-of-a-kind experience so as to depart you surprised and stimulated.

crochet animals

The Crochet Museum became based in 2006 by way of artist Shari Elf, who become inspired to create a museum dedicated to the art of crochet after she crocheted an alligator as a gift for a friend. Today, the museum houses a set of over 3,000 crochet creations, inclusive of miniature meals items, animals, or even a lifestyles-sized crochet Cadillac.

Founder “Art Queen”

One of the things that makes the World Famous Crochet Museum so unique is its founder, Shari Elf, also known as “Art Queen”. Elf is a talented artist and musician who has been a fixture inside the Joshua Tree network for decades. She is understood for her particular and eccentric art, which may be seen throughout the Art Queen gallery and in her personal domestic, which is likewise open to visitors.

The museum is housed inner a antique roadside smartphone sales space that has been repurposed to exhibit the colorful and eccentric creations of crochet artists from round the arena. The museum’s series is constantly evolving, with new portions being introduced regularly. Visitors can anticipate to look a extensive type of crochet creations, from lovely and cuddly animals to elaborate and distinct sculptures.

crocheted alligator

One of the most popular pieces inside the museum is the crocheted alligator, which changed into the foundation for the museum’s advent. This remarkable piece is over 7 feet long and is made completely out of crochet. Visitors can’t resist taking pictures with the alligator, that is sure to come to be a valuable memory in their go to to the museum.

Crochet Museum Reputation

The Crochet Museum has won worldwide reputation for its particular and quirky collection, and has been featured in severa media shops, along with the New York Times and National Geographic. It has even been referred to as one of the “Top 10 Weirdest Museums in the World” with the aid of CNN Travel.

The museum’s vicinity in the Art Queen gallery makes it even greater special. The gallery capabilities loads of contemporary artwork exhibitions and installations, making it a must-go to destination for art enthusiasts. Visitors can browse the gallery’s selection of art whilst waiting to enter the museum, or enjoy a drink on the adjoining Joshua Tree Saloon.

crochet animals

The Crochet Museum is a own family-pleasant attraction this is perfect for every age. Children will love seeing the cute and colorful crochet animals, while adults will admire the talent and creativity that is going into every piece. The museum additionally offers a completely unique buying revel in, with a selection of crochet objects to be had for purchase, consisting of crochet patterns, kits, and finished pieces.

Places Near by Crochet Museum

In addition to the Crochet Museum, the Art Queen gallery capabilities plenty of current artwork exhibitions and installations. Visitors can browse the gallery’s choice of paintings, sculptures, and blended media artwork, as well as attend events and workshops hosted by using nearby artists. The gallery also serves as a hub for the neighborhood arts network, web hosting everyday artwork walks and different community activities.

Next door to the Art Queen gallery is the Joshua Tree Saloon, a beloved neighborhood watering hollow that has been a fixture inside the community for over 30 years. The saloon functions stay track, a full bar, and a menu of conventional American fare. It’s the proper spot to grab a drink after touring the museum or to seize a display through a local musician.


This quirky and captivating attraction is not like something else you may locate within the region, and is sure to go away an enduring influence on all who go to. Whether you’re an artwork lover or simply seeking out a fun and precise enjoy, the Crochet Museum is a should-see vacation spot which you might not need to overlook.

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