Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud Advantages for organizations.

Hybrid cloud refers to a mixed computing, storage, and services environment made up of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud. It is a mixture of on-premises computing and private clouds in your Datacenter.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Benefit of a hybrid cloud is agility, which helps to keep things that a required on-premises in our datacenter and those which can be placed in internet can be done on cloud. This helps for data control, security, cost savings and adoption to cloud.

Listed below are the Pro’s and Con’s of Private and Public cloud which helps to decide for Hybrid Cloud.

Public cloud : Pros and Cons

This is call as IaaS (Infrastructure as Service)


  • Scalability.  Can be scaled up and down almost unlimited due to on-demand requirement of cloud resources
  • Lower CAPEX. You don’t need to purchase all your own data center requirements like server, network, power, cooling, space etc.
  • Reliability. Due to services distributed across multiple data centers.


  • Data security. You never know on the data security requirements and the local laws which might cause some issues but still this has now more controls
  • Higher OPEX. As you scale performance, your cost also increases based on utilisation which is not the case when hosted in your datacenter.

Private Cloud: Pros and Cons

Private cloud is done with in your datacenter which is managed as like public cloud but internal to the organisation.


  • Security. Your data and applications remain within the datacenter and behind your firewall and are accessible only to your organisation making private clouds better suited for processing or storing sensitive data.
  • Greater control and customization. Gives you the control over the servers and the customisation required.
  • Flexibility. Ability to move non-sensitive data to a public cloud to accommodate sudden requirements of demand on your private cloud.


  • Higher costs. Increased initial setup charges and maintenance costs.
  • Responsibility. Maintaining your own data center, IT hardware, and enterprise software, security and compliance are our responsibly.
  • Less flexibility. scale up and scale down based on need is bit complex.

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