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Category: Release News

New Software release News

Azure Security

Security in cloud is always a major topic which is discussed by every one in this field. When it comes to security it is always a great question mark.. who owns, manages, protects.. In general Security in cloud is always an joint ownership which was clearly explained by all cloud vendors. Azure Security Center is…

Azure Hybrid ( Stack)

Azure Hybrid which is also know as Azure Stack is mainly used for inhouse application developers to design and create application cloud proof so that they can migrate the applications in future to public cloud. A few Screen shots from the Azure Stack Presentation from Microsoft which explains about the Azure Hybrid Stack.    

Customize Places Bar when you open Save As option in Windows 7

I found one more nice article for adding a folder to the Places Bar in windows 7. It works great and it is a nice explanation Thanks to the author. I am copy pasting it to keep it for my reference. The source link:- How to Customize the File Open/Save Dialog Box in Windows Generally,…

Vmware Nice KB articles

Few KB articles which I went through and feel very useful and great. Keeping this for my Future reference. Recreating a missing virtual machine disk (VMDK) descriptor file Unmounting a LUN or Detaching a Datastore/Storage Device from multiple ESXi 5.x hosts Investigating virtual machine file locks on ESXi/ESX Methods of upgrading to…