Azure Hybrid

Azure Stack avaialblity

Azure Stack Hub is a hybrid cloud platform that enables you to use Azure services from your company or service provider datacenter. It consist the below features

  • Azure Stack Edge
  • Azure Stack HCI
  • Azure Stack Hub

Azure Stack Edge

Rapid insights with an Azure managed appliance using compute and hardware-accelerated machine learning at edge locations for your Internet of Things (IoT) and AI workloads.

Use Azure Stack Edge for:

  • Machine learning at the edge
  • Edge and IoT solutions
  • Network data transfer from edge to cloud

Azure Stack HCI

This is in Preview as of now and it is the Hyper Converged Infrastructure which is used for modernisation of datacenter.

Azure Stack HCI for:

  • Scalable virtualization and storage
  • Modernizing on-premises architecture
  • Remote branch offices
  • High-performance workloads

Azure Stack Hub

This is a cloud native system that used to run your private cloud connected or disconnected with cloud-native applications.

Azure Stack Hub for:

  • Connected and disconnected scenarios
  • Data sovereignty
  • App modernization

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