Nice tool to find and replace texts with in huge number of files

I came across a free tool which is so good and easy to use. It really reduces a huge effort of find and replace some particular word with in huge number of files. This is very small in size file and it is great.

Thanks to digitalvolcano who gives the software free.

Find WWN Number for Windows servers for EMC

EMC has got a nice tool to find the WWN numbers of the HBA for windows servers.

Download the INQ tool from emc site

Select the higher version folder.<as of now v7.5.0.0/

Then select the download according to your windows version (32 bit or 64 bit)

inq.windowsamd64 – 64 bit
inq.winia – 32 bit

Copy it to folder in C:\inq

from command prompt run the command as follows

c:\inq\inq.windowsamd64 -hba

This will give all details about the HBA cards.